Personal Styling Services

Ready to start your new style journey?

Here is what you can expect.


Creating an individual style is knowing what looks good on you and how does it fits your lifestyle.  An essential benefit of working with Monica Diaz Mode is the integration of the internal and external YOU, thus creating your personal brand. As a result YOU will attain increased self-confidence, allowing YOU to meet your career and personal goals. Lastly, the big plus is to save YOU time and expense on building your wardrobe.

How we do this is an easy system that follows the these few steps. 


The goal of the initial consultation is to understand the client and assessing their style requisite. Comprehending where they are today and where they need to be tomorrow to meet their professional and social aspirations.


A full editing of the current closet is a must in order to move forward. Making it an effortless task to be ready and stylish within a moments notice for any occasion.


A focused shopping list is compiled which compliments individual needs and current wardrobe items.
Introducing your new items to existing ones.  Teaching you how to fashionably work your wardrobe with ease finishes the wardrobe session.


Beyond the wardrobe. To complete a look we can move forward with a professional hairstyling  & makeup session which can be booked to give you the complete style package. 


Monica Diaz Mode is available anytime for seasonal updates that are focused and current. Always on call for any special events or off season requests you may have.



Closet Refresh

You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Or do you have items you question if they look good or if you should just let them go. Maybe you have a lot of beautiful pieces but don’t know how to make them into current outfits. This is the perfect package for you. We will edit your current season wardrobe and create new outfits with your existing items. A list of must have items to fill in the gab will be given to you at the end of the session.  


You want help beyond your current closet? The day starts with a color & style assessment, we then go through current seasonal closet audit, The afternoon is  a  of shopping  for  key items  needed to fill some of the  gaps in your current wardrobe. 


The first step is a color & style assessment and personal goals review. We will then focus on editing your current wardrobe and creating new updated outfits with existing items. A complete wardrobe assessment and list of items needed to complete your image. I will do a preshop  at the stores that best fit your style and budget. We will then meet up at the stores of choice and your wardrobe selection will be waiting for you to try on. You do not have to do any running around or shopping. The package ends with our last meeting where we incorporate items we have purchased and new updated outfits are put together for ease of dressing. 


Please contact us for a free consultation so we  can better assess your needs and determine the package that fits you.