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Create your personal style and stand out from the crowd
An 8 week style course to create an image that matches your next venture
Make your style your best ad

does your image reflect your brand?

Just like an effective advertisement should capture your perspective customers attention and entice them to try your product your personal image should do the same. 

A good advertising is consistent with the unique positioning of your business. As a professional woman your business is your brand and you are a major part of it. 

You thought out and invested in every single marketing pieces for your business but have you given thought to the biggest part of your business brand…You?



Does this sound like you?

what the heck do i wear?

Do you look in you closet and think, I don’t have a thing to wear?

Now that you have a business you don’t know how to dress for this new lifestyle.

You are now doing video and are in social media and want to make sure you look your best.

You feel overwhelmed just at the thought of putting your outfits together.



You can't help feeling frustrated even stressed.
Did you know that taking control of your personal style will create changes beyond the way you look?

When you look your best your feel confident and in control. 

You have enough stressful things to do in your business (and in your life) how you look shouldn’t be one of them.

You deserve to look confidently at you closet and make  choices in 2 minutes tops!

You deserve to feel like a million dollars in order to make a million dollars.

You deserve to be seen as a modern confident entrepreneur who only offers the best. 

Be clear. Be consistent. Be YOU.

be credible,unique and memorable

You are a fabulous boss lady! You know what you do and you are amazing at it. Now let’s make you look amazing! 

Your image should clearly convey that you are consistent with your brand and reflect your personality. 

Consistency and Clarity are very important in not only our verbal communication but also our non-verbal communication and includes the way you look, how you present yourself. 

look & feel like the entrepreneur everyone wants to work with

it's time to take control of the way you feel and how you want to be seen...

take control of your image

It takes less than 10 seconds for us to make a lasting first impression on someone. 

This first impression goes beyond those precious seconds and shadows us like a halo till we prove ourselves to others. 

Today’s social media makes it even more important to show others the image of ourselves we want to be authentic. 

"You can have anything you want if dress for it."
Edith Head
You owe it to yourself to put together a personal image the reflects your brand. I promise it is easier than you think and a lot of fun!

An 8 week style course to create an image that matches your next venture

Inside The Course

learn how to create a 10-piece core wardrobe that helps you be seen and be remembered

Meet your instructor

Hi there Beautiful! I’m Monica and my passion is to help you feel and look…well fabulous!  My fashion career started early on in New York City,  where I’ve lived since I moved from Ecuador when I was 4 years old.. As a New Yorker who always gravitated towards fashion & style has always been part of my life. Having worked in every fashion corner possible from textile stylist, merchandiser and  buyer to fashion professor, fashion on-air talent and personal stylist,  I take pride of the mix of passion and expertise that I now have packaged in my first styling online course!  Even though I’ve worked  with a variety of people from performers and male executives to amazing women executives, my real passion is teaching  other passionate entrepreneurs like myself how to create  a personal style that reflects the value  she brings to the world.

The Best Experience Ever

"You deserve to look good and feel confident everyday"
Monica Diaz
Personal Style Coach

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