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Your why
Employees are the heart of the corporate brand

Professionals are constantly presenting themselves to potential and existing clients and their image makes a statement about who they are and the organization they represent. In order for them to make a positive and strong first impression it is imperative that they dress appropriately.

Bringing in clarity

Our services are designed to bring clarity to this dilemma and bridge the gap between your company’s attire requirements and your employees individual style. Programs and services are customized to the specific needs of each organization. We pride ourselves in communication and customer service.


Balancing the dress code

Today’s corporate dress varies from traditional to business casual and a very grey area in between. Employee and companies often are left struggling drawing that balance between an updated, individual style with the professional corporate dress code. 

public speaking

Presenting your ideas or expertise in front of an audience can be stressful. Understanding how your image delivers that message is essential. I work with speakers to help them create the appropriate image for their audience and mode of public speaking. 

Contact me for 15 minute consultations and customized packages offered. 


Whether you need personalized corporate image consulting, on boarding programs or seminars we are here to help. Personalization is what we specialize in. Please contact us to further discuss your needs and how we can be of assistance

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  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Headshot Styling
  • Dress Code Policies
  • Corporate Dress Workbooks
  • Corporate Onboarding
  • Individual Branding Consultations
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