Style is Always personal

You need a personal style coach because your business depends on your image.


Did you know that ...
55% of your first impression is based on your appearance
38% on you vocal tone and quality
And ONLY 7% on your words?


This first  impression is made wishin the  first 7 seconds and last beyond those 7 seconds. This means that now you have to work twice as hard to convince someone of your worth.

The good news is that you can change someone’s impression of you by upgrading your image.

 Helping you create an image which aligns with your message is our forte.

You are your brand

You  are a reflection of not only you as an individual but as your company.  Working with entrepreneurs  I understand how valuable this is to their  bottom line. Today social media puts our image front and center. So why not lead with a confident personal image that reflects You.


Do you need a personal style coach?

Do you want to learn how to look your best?

Do you need a personal style upgrade becasue your lefestyle and or shape have changed.?

Do you think your current image is holding you back_

Are you ready to launch and need an image reflective of your brand?

Is your personal style refelctive of your goals?.


As a personal style coach I help and teach you to align your personal image with your goals.

Click below and find out what a style coach can do for you.