What can a personal stylist do for you?

Did you know that ...
55% of your first impression is based on your appearance
38% on you vocal tone and quality
And ONLY 7% on your words
This impression stays with you beyond those first 30 seconds which means you need to work harder to get your message across.

The good news is that you can change this immediately by changing your image. That is where a MDMode steps in, helping you create the image that aligns with your message.

Who needs a personal stylist?

Deciding to hire a personal stylist is depended on your current lifestyle and where you want to be. Our clients are individuals that are ready to take their image to the next level . Are you one of them?

  • Professionals ready to take their career to the next level.
  • Entrepreneurs that know their image is representative of their business success.
  • Individuals that have had a body transformation and are ready to embrace their new shape and dress it to look their best.
  • Individuals whose relationship status has recently changed and are ready to start anew and show everyone how fabulous they are!
  • Then there are those that just have always wanted to get a professional opinion and are just ready to change and look amazing.

Wherever  you fall in these categories or if you have a totally different reason contact us and lets start working towards your image goals.

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